pendragonsman: ([Emote] Bears A Heavy Burden)
pendragonsman ([personal profile] pendragonsman) wrote2008-08-05 08:56 am

[locked to Faith] Trouble stirs, my child...

It weighs heavily on me to bear this burden and this exile, but she's left me little alternative.

Painful as it is for me, and painful as it will be for you and all my sweet girls, I am no longer welcome in this house. While it is yours in her stead as you lead these girls in battle, it is Baileigh who remains lady of this castle. She and I are at odds, and she has made it clear that I must take my leave of you all.

I will tell the others later, but I felt it best you know. I've spoken briefly with Theresa and her children, but only to leave them with a few necessary instructions on the magickal protections I've laid on this house.

Three days left I have with you...then I will be gone. Where I will go, I do not yet know, but I shall remain at your disposal now and forevermore. I will return, one day, at my lady's pleasure...but until then, I am seeing to my affairs.

I am so sorry to be leaving you this way, dearest girl.