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I proudly called myself Arthur Pendragon's man, once upon a time...

Now I am but a man, still in service to noble blood and noble souls...

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The legend of Camelot is celebrated in story and song...Arthur, his knights, and the great wizard Merlin. Twas his death that saw the fall of the Round Table, once the final seat was filled.

The death of Merlin came easily...orchestrated by Morgana Lefay through her student, Vivien. An enchanted ring bound his heart to hers through magic, but through her beauty his love became more than became real.

He taught the flame-haired beauty all he knew and more...and for his trouble, she drugged, stabbed, and buried him in a coffin of stone. There he languished...and there, with his dying breath, did he work a spell to steal flesh from the living that he might exact his revenge on the viper whose fangs struck him down.

Ages passed before his grave would be found...before a young archaeologist fresh with the boon of a new discovery: proof of Camelot's existence and Arthur's reign, would stumble across his sarcophagus and break its seal.

Dr. Martin Lynden...a pioneer in his field. Since his discovery in the late 1800's, I have sought to ensure his work has not been forgotten. For you see, it is his face I am haunted by each time I spy a is his flesh I took with magic that lay waiting for generations. It was his soul my hate destroyed so that mine might walk the earth again. A spell for vengeance became a curse...and only vengeance can break it.

With Vivien and her teacher long dead, I will never have revenge, and so I will never die. Forever will I walk this earth, dressed in another man's skin and forced to live with the seed of black magic that has taken root in my soul. Where I might pray for the nuclear holocaust or great apocalypse that might finally end my life with total obliteration, instead I know that I must live for the innocent I destroyed in the name of selfish bloodlust.

My name is now Merle Lynden...humble shopkeeper, wizard, and instructor in the mystic arts. But the name of Merlin suits me, too. Or Medwin, or perhaps the ancient Myrddin Emrys if you know enough to recall that name.

I am all things, all ages...all powers known. I have lived so long my origins are lost to history, and my true name lost to time. Know only that I have seen far more than I care to tell, and done more than tongue will ever have the longevity to speak. I am friend, I am foe...I am power, but I am no god.

God can do no wrong...and I have done far too much for my liking.

* * * * * * * *

Merle Lynden is a fictionalized version of Merlin of Camelot. His history will be an amalgamation of Arthurian legends and research, and a healthy dose of creative license. I am not Merle, Merlin, or Christian Bale, nor am I Joss Whedon, creator of the primary universe (Buffy/Angel) where Merle plays. His exploits in the PARANORMAL CRIMES world, however, are totally original and all mine.

I'm doing this for free, but if I thought it up and you steal it? Your ass is grass, so play nice, m'kay? ;p
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